DVD - Xpand (Props and DVD) by Christyrious and Brandon David

Xpand is a handmade mechanical card gimmick that allows you to perform a special effects miracle with a Signed card.

The effect starts out with a spectator selecting and signing a card so far in their mind nothing unusual. Then things get very weird and the spectator soon realizes that this is not the typical "pick a card" "find a card" trick. With their signed card in full view the entire time, they witness something impossible. You visually shrink their card. After you have changed the physical properties of their signed card you then restore the card to the original signed condition and hand it out for immediate examination.

That's just the start of what's possible with the Xpand gimmick. Originally Xpand was released as a single effect with only one main application and only one instructional DVD. Now with magician Justin Miller who has added over an hour of additional ideas including an application with the cut and restored card plot on a second bonus DVD.

Running Time Approximately: 17 min

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