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The magician announces that he will try to make an interesting experience, although he is not sure if he remembers it well.

The magician takes a sheet of paper and makes a paper cone. After that, he stops, and says (as talking to himself): "Was it this way…?...well, it does not matter too much…" And he proceeds with his trick."…well…now I have to put a glass inside the cone… yes, that is it, I remember now!..." (and he put the glass in the cone). At this moment, he shows to be hesitating again. Then takes the glass out of the cone and leaves it on the table, while saying: "…or no, no…now I remember it right: the glass does not go into the cone…" Immediately he takes a bottle of water and pours the water into the paper cone, while saying: "…now I remember…it is important to pour enough water in the cone…." Again he hesitates and suddenly he exclaims: "…oh no…the glass had to be inside the cone!..." And he put the glass inside the paper cone. He shows now to be relieved, as everything is right. Slowly, he opens the paper cone: it is dry, and the glass is filled with the water! He takes the glass and toast for the successful experience!...

Complete, very easy to do, ready to perform. Also includes a second funny routine to be performed with an assistant or a clown.

Classic Line´s Comedy Glass in paper Cone is made of super transparent heavy plastic specially designed by Bazar de Magia, it´s size is big and works perfectly. This is one of funniest kids-show tricks with the quality of Bazar de Magia.

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