DVD - Rematch by Caleb Wiles

3 Knockout Routines.

Reworked. Refined. Reloaded.

Two years ago you met Caleb Wiles through his universally-acclaimed booklet, High Spots. Now Wiles is back with three of his most outstanding inventions.

Quite simply, the strongest effect Caleb has ever devised. He closes his shows with this trick. As a bonus, Caleb explains Mark Tams' "M.A.T.E.", a coincidence effect from a shuffled deck that makes the perfect lead-in to "26!"

The trick that amazed Paul Harris, Joshua Jay, and everyone else who saw it! Heralded as the best version of the classic "Reset" ever; explained here in great detail including alternate switches, counts, and endings. Plus, Caleb teaches Jack Carpenter's "South Street Swindle," an underground hit appearing here for the first time.

All Signs Point to Yes:
This entertaining walk-around piece allows you to change a card three times, all in pursuit of a selection. No table is required, and the presentation is a worker's dream.

"Caleb Wiles is the real deal. His methods are devious, his presentations are clever and fun, and he's got loads of natural ability." - David Williamson

"Caleb is a new star on the magic horizon!" - Paul Lelekis, Linking Ring Magazine

"The magic of Caleb Wiles is both strong and refreshingly novel." - Mike Powers

Running Time Approximately: 1hr 17min

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