Get Sharky - Christoph Borer - Red

Christoph Borer, the inventor of this trick, released this effect years ago but only in the German speaking countries where it gathered great reputation. Now it is available in an even more convincing version using Phoenix cards. We fooled all great names in magic in Atlanta, San Diego and at the Magic Castle, Hollywood. The method is so brilliant you'll love to perform it. This is a great effect and can be performed on stage, parlor and closeup. Remember everything happens in the spectators hands. The deck can be examined and the effect can be immediately repeated with a different outcome! "I must have one for myself." George Schindler "I have not been this fooled ever." Jon Armstrong "I love it when the method is as clever and cunning as the effect." Gregory Wilson "I usually hate card magic but this effect is awesome. It's a must have for everybody." Dirk Losander



get sharky


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