Rubiked by Vincent Tarrit

Rules have just changed. 

Forget shells. Forget a cube switch. Forget extra gimmicks to carry.

Discover Rubiked, one of Blackpool Magic Convention's 2019 Bestsellers.

Rubiked introduces a completely new way to perform a Rubik's cube prediction. Imagine having a prediction on your camera roll or your own website, displaying the exact same combination created by your spectators during a real free cube mix - and you don't even need to see it. Built for close-up with a camera roll feature, built for stage to get booked more often, built with the professional in mind, built with even more features...

A perfect synchronicity.

Rubiked uses a special motion sensor, transmitting each move to a chip integrated within the central cube axis. Combined with a recognition algorithm, the cube calculates the exact position of each face and transmits it immediately to the app. All of this happens with no delay, thanks to Bluetooth technology.

No internet? No problem.

Rubiked does not work only with internet. You can have the prediction go directly to your own website (and gain web traffic). It is possible to send the picture to your camera roll, and all of these options are even faster...

Not just a cube, a speed cube.

You thought you were being fast with the cubes you've got at home? Discover a brand new universe with Rubiked. With its magnetic locking system, it makes all your moves faster and more accurate than ever. Be ready to make more moves in less time.

A boosted app.

With its user-friendly interface, compatible with both iOS and Android, the Rubiked app allows you to adapt the effect to your own needs. Simple to use, you'll be guided step by step through an in-app guide and a 30-minute instructional video. Be ready to master the effect... within minutes.

You'll even find ideas and tips to stay away from your phone during the effect or customize your cube.

Rubiked is not just a trick, it's a project: new features are coming up, including a prediction you'll be able to send via email before your spectator even touches the cube! And more but... shh!









What others are saying...

"This is wickedly good!"
- Shawn Farquhar

"I love Rubiked! I want to shake Vincent's hand... No, I want to shake his hand twice, it's that good!"
- Kev. G

"Rubiked is my favorite purchase of the Blackpool convention. So clever, it went straight into my routine!"
- Tom Crosbie

"Rubiked is a great effect which combines the classic Rubik's cube and technology. It's a perfect mix resulting in a very strong magical effect. I highly recommend it"
- Joao Miranda

"Using technology in magic is very common nowadays. What's most valuable is that you have made it a real performing piece. Great job!"
- Henry Harrius

The special cube (1 year warranty)
An access code to the Rubiked application (iOS and Android)
The USB charger v. m-USB
An additional sticker set
An explanatory video
A Rubik's cube at the forefront of technology!
Compatible iOS (Apple/iPhone) and Android (Samsung, HTC, Huawei etc.)
No need to know how to solve a Rubik's cube for this effect!


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