DVD - Hidden Hand (DVD and Gimmick) by Sean Fields

"Every once in a while the art of magic takes another step forward. The Hidden Hand is a leap."

From the mind of Sean Fields, Hidden Hand is a brand new utility device that allows for stunning vanishes and productions. With NO sleights necessary, you will be able to manipulate items within minutes of learning this secret.

Roll your sleeves up, show your hands completely, unmistakably empty and from out of nowhere produce a small object. No suspicious moves. Just pure magic.

• Multiple vanishes including one handed and drop vanishes

• Multiple versions of Ring to Anywhere straight from Sean's own working repertoire

• How to install, modify and repair your Hidden Hand

• Bonus moves, ideas and routines by special guest Eric Jones

• Nearly two hours of instructions will give you a complete arsenal of moves, routines and ideas that will stun your spectators.

"Brilliant! It's amazing and opens up so many possibilities!!!" - Dynamo

"If you were ever looking for the most incredible, amazing, versatile, practical way to vanish a small object, you've got to give hidden hand a try!" - Eric Jones

"When Sean Fields first showed me the effect I freaked out. When he revealed the secret to me, I couldn't believe what I saw. The method is utterly astounding and so creative." - Shin Lim

"Hidden Hand is one of the most beastly things he has come out with yet!" - Chris Wiehl

'This is something every magician can use in their own way. The possibilities of this gimmick have yet to all be discovered.' - Tom Elderfield

"I'm a big Sean Fields fan, but my God, that looks like real magic." - Chris Kavanagh

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