RIP (DVD and Gimmick) by Christopher Wiehl

There are many torn and restored card effects on the market. Most are difficult, multi-phased, and angle-sensitive. Pros and cons for each one.

The advantage of RIP is that the entire effect happens in ten seconds. You casually tear a card to pieces, then shake the pieces. They visibly restore, front and back.



What you receive with RIP is a gorgeous handmade gaff that has two positions: in the open position it looks exactly like a messy pile of pieces, front and back. When it flips (and locks) closed, it is a normal card, front and back. There are no threads or parts to break: it's practical and completely reliable.



- Custom hand-made gimmick, ready to perform straight from the box

- Includes 1 hour, 20 minute DVD with many variations

- Full instructions on how to make your own, additional gimmicks

- Surprisingly easy to perform!

RIP was a sellout at the Blackpool Convention, with dozens of people walking around "flipping" the gimmicked card closed to create the illusion of an instant restore. This gimmick is fun. It works itself, is easy to do, and has no bad angles. If you're looking to add a quick, visual Torn and Restored moment into your card set, RIP is just for you.

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