Fire Kit by Martin Braessas

Fire Kit is the future version of the famous effect "Fire from Hands".

Fire kit not only produces a great flash of fire from your hands but also turns instantly into the object you want!

Imagine grabbing fire with your hand and then turning it into a billiard ball for your stage act or a real cookie to eat at the moment or coins for your close up act or even revealing a card! All this and more is possible with Fire Kit.

It is very easy to perform!

You just grab fire with your hand and then produce the objects that you want!

Instant reset!

Perfect for close-up or stage magic!

The gimmicks last forever!

Produce balls, coins, cards, bills, cookies, dices, sponge balls, and everything that you can imagine!



The online instructions include:

How to grab fire and how to produce your everyday objects

Complete routines with their explanations


Bonus: Fire balls

Tips for rehearsal

Have fun with Fire Kit!

Difficulty: Intermediate

Note: This product is intended for professional to use it under its own responsibility. The manufacturer and the resalers do not assume any responsibility by inherent risks to the use of this device. Prohibited its sale or demonstration to minors.

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