Appearing Business Cards (Card Reveal Pack) by Sam Gherman

Imagine the following. Show an envelope to the audience, and announce that you have a prediction written inside. You hand a business card to a spectator. Tell them to imagine that a celebrity's name is printed on the card, and that you'll send them that name with your mind. When they have a name in their mind, they let you know. The card is placed in your hand, and it never leaves the sight of the audience. Volunteers are invited to examine the blank card - they will find nothing printed on it (the card is NOT switched - there is absolutely nothing written on it). Yet, the spectator accurately receives the celebrity's name, announces it, and when the prediction envelope is opened, the names match! This is but one use of these amazing cards. Your imagination will come up with other effects that will astound your audience.

This 36-card pack comes with 3 x of the following 12 cards:

8 of Diamonds
9 of Spades
2 of Hearts
3 of Clubs
8 of Clubs
7 of Diamonds
4 of Diamonds
5 of Spades
9 of Hearts
6 of Hearts
2 of Spades
3 of Hearts

How does this work? There's an amazing secret that you'll find out when purchasing this set. These cards do the work for you. They are printed on 100# (270 GSM) eggshell white cover stock. What color is the ink? The ink is light to dark gray. The cards and ink are handmade so each batch may vary in color slightly.

NOTE: This effect is designed to work for indoor performances only, and you will need to purchase some inexpensive items.



tarjetas cartas

tarjetas cartas


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Appearing Business Cards (Celebrity Pack) by Sam Gherman
Appearing Business Cards (Celebrity Pack) by Sam Gherman
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