DVD - The Butterfly Pass by Stephen Leathwaite


For 15 years Stephen Leathwaite has dedicated himself to creating one of the most beautiful passes there has ever been. Now for the very first time, Stephen will teach you step by step exactly how to execute his Butterfly Pass. Includes 10 other incredible passes and 15 tricks, variations and tips. Double disc DVD set containing nearly 3 hours of footage.




Passes –

- Butterfly Pass
- Smooth Criminal
- Top Card Cover Pass
- Top Card Turnover Pass
- The Guardian Shift
- The Vulcan Pass
- The Phantom Peek Switch
- The Fan Pass
- Pinky Peek
- Chrysalis Pass
- The Half Guardian

Effects -

- Flash Colour Change
- Gambler Got Caught... Not!
- Pseudo Centre Deal
- Loading Cards into Positions
- 4 King 4 Aces
- Shuffle Control
- Card to Pocket Palm
- Card to Pocket and Back
- Guardian Shift Transpo
- The Half Guardian Transpo

And more!

Shot in Crystal Clear Full HD utilizing "Super Practice Mode" with fully annotated still frames, highlights and multiple angles for the very best in modern magic mentoring. Until now, Stephen has only shared fragments of The Butterfly with a select few of his closest friends.

With this DVD he's giving you everything on his treasured creation. You'll see the history from start to finish, how it's evolved over the years and how the many variations have developed. When you hear the name Stephen Leathwaite, it's not long before you hear mention of his Butterfly Pass. Edward Lorenz's Chaos Theory states that the flap of a Butterfly's wings could cause a Tornado on the other side of the planet, staying true to this Stephen's Butterfly Pass has caused a Storm in the Magic community and will elevate your card magic to new heights. Stephen poured his heart and soul into this project and his passion is evident in every frame. This project is more than a series of moves and effects, its chapters in Stephen's life.



"The Greatest Pass I've N/Ever Seen" - Ollie Mealing

"I've seen a lot of Passes in my time; which is the problem. I've just watched The Butterfly Pass (closely) and it's invisible" - Paul Gordon

"Looks like a Butterfly, stings like a Bee!"

"The butterfly pass is the best pass ever and the applications covered in the double dvd set are out of this world!" - Titanas

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