DVD - Modern Marvel Vol. 1-2 by Mel Mellers

Join your host Mel Mellers and his crew as they travel the length and breadth of the UK to bring you seven brand new routines on this superb new DVD set. Over a year in the making, you'll watch Mel perform in various live shows and then explain everything that you need to know in the studio.

Along the way be amazed and above all amused, as Mel performs a 6 Card Repeat in a truly international way, a feat of number manipulation despite overriding distraction, a Plume routine that gets huge laughs, an underwater escape that has no water (!), a superb mindreading stunt in which he predicts a genuinely random set of numbers, manipulates his own eyeball, vanishes and reappears a borrowed watch and for his grand finale uses a flea and a feather (don't ask!).

As fans will know, Mel is a hilarious magician and all of these brilliant routines can be adapted to be used by all performers. As usual Mel takes an effect and turns it upside down with a unique and original twist!

Volume 1:

International 6 Cards Of Mystery - The 6 card repeat presented in a new and refreshing way.

Distraction - Two audience members choose two random numbers. Mel then manipulates them in an amazing performance based around mathematics and a sense of overriding distraction! Hilarious results ensue along the way in a stage filling routine that you will use.

Do As I Do Plumes - The ideal routine for adults and kids alike. Taking an old favorite, Mel dresses it up and takes it to a whole new level in this superb piece of comedy magic. You'll even learn how to make the props yourself for only a few dollars.

The No Water Underwater Escape - Houdini watch out! Mel Mellers attempts his most dangerous stunt yet, attempting to recreate Houdini's world famous Water Torture Escape... on a budget! Magic, laughs and comedy. What more could you want?

Eyeball - A super-fast comedy piece in which Mel Removes his eye manipulates it on the stage and puts it back into place in just a few seconds. The perfect opening!

Watch This - The watch routine that you will USE! Borrow ANY watch, make it disappear and reappear where and when you want. Simple, easy and fun to do!

Feather Flea Finale - A Flea (Invisible to the human eye) lifts a large feather before his audience. No flea training required and works every time!

Running Time: Aproximately 1hr 27mins

Volume 2:

Bottle Opener - Mel's unique take on the Norm Nielsen Vanishing Bottle. Gambling his own money, Mel wins every time in this superb opening routine that's perfect as an introduction to your show.

You Could Be - Explaining just what they're missing by watching him, Mel takes the torn and restored newspaper plot to another place, giving it logic. Listen to the reaction!

Hands Off! - A hilarious ten minute comedy routine in which a spectator acts as his glamorous assistant, whilst Mel cuts off the other spectator's hand! Hilarious and so, so easy to do!

Personalitree - A group of spectators are brought onto the stage and asked to make a drawing of a tree. From these random drawings Mel is able to read into their personalities and tell each one which drawing was theirs. Again, easy to do and laugh out loud funny!

A Wee Little Trick - Mel's unique and funny take on the Multum in Parvo routine. There have been many before this, but none quite this offbeat!

Solved Disolved - Slydini's knotted silk routine, finally given a logical plot. Ten minutes of comedy from just two handkerchiefs. Brilliant stuff.

Pseudo Card Routine - A brilliantly simple effect using one spectator and a regular deck of cards. Comedy and ad-libs combine to make a superb routine that you WILL use.

Running Time: Approximately 1hr 31mins

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