DVD - Mindfreaks by Criss Angel (Volumes 1 – 5)

Criss Angel, considered to be the most influential name in magic today, releases his highly anticipated and critically acclaimed teaching DVD series Criss Angel Master Mindfreaks. Each DVD is filled with mind-blowing Mindfreaks personally created and/or hand picked by Criss Angel. First, Criss performs each demonstration with legendary and world-renowned magician Johnny Tompson in front of a live audience at the Magic Castle in Hollywood, CA. Then they personally teach you everything you need to know step-by-step so you too can master each Mindfreak.

Whether you are young or old, a beginner or a magic enthusiast, delve inside the exciting and mysterious art of magic, illusion and mentalism as you learn to master each demonstration with your incomparable teachers Criss Angel and Johnny Tompson.

Volume 1:

• Wizards Card Trick
• Blow Out
• Coin from Roll
• Sugar Coin
• Bill Tear
• Keys, Pen, Coin
• Houdini’s Favorite Trick
• Sneaky Sheep
• Will the Cards Match
• Levitation

Running Time Approximately 57min

Volume 2:

• Spoon Bending
• Card Mindread
• Card Stab
• Two Tricks with a Keycard
• The Next Card I Turn Over
• You Do As I Do
• Key Card Addendum
• Shoelace Knot
• Coin Assembly
• Odd and Even
• Floating Cup
• Lipstick
• Toothpick Vanish
• Colorblind
• Double Card Prediction
• Restoration
• Rising Ring

Running Time Approximately 100min

Volume 3:

• 2 Card Monte
• Premonition
• Procreation
• Into the Mind
• Card Thought
• Four Aces
• Which Hand
• Knifed
• Levitating Roll
• Linked
• Tapped Out
• Rope Through Body
• Aces Anytime
• Prophecy
• Penny or Dime

Running Time Approximately 81min

Volume 4:

• Quarter Through Table
• Flat Line
• Salt Shaker
• Precognition
• Psychic Touch
• Psychic Touch (Beginner Version)
• Psychic Touch (Advanced Version)
• Lost and Found
• Mug's Up
• Mug Monte
• Whispering Queen
• Deja Vu
• Floating Coin
• Newspaper Prediction
• Kicked
• Oops
• Cut and Restore Rope

Running Time Approximately 83min

Volume 5:

• Secret Utility Device Intro
• Cigarette Vanish In Jacket
• Cigarette Vanish In the Hand
• Icky Blicky
• Silk From Dollar
• $100 to $1
• Rip and Restore Dollar Bill
• Rip and Restore Napkin
• Silk x 2
• Salt Pour
• Water Pour
• Ring In Roll
• Paper Clips

Running Time Approximately 77min

With this volume 5, Secret Utility Device and Props Included!

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