DVD - Gion Deck (Red Back Bicycle and DVD ) by Yuji Murakami and Masuda

Gion Deck is the fairest and strongest mental effect that fools laymen and magicians alike.


The magician takes out two cards out of a red deck of cards as prediction. Then he introduces a blue deck of cards and shuffles it to show the deck is well mixed.

The deck is given to a spectator and he/she shuffles the deck. He/she stops shuffling at any time and places the top card onto the table. Then the first spectator hands the deck to another spectator. The second specatator does the same thing as the first spectator did.

The red prediction cards match the freely selected blue cards.


The magician does not touch the decks after he produces them. Everything is done in spectators hands. There is no complicated moves. They only have to shuffle the deck and place a card onto the table. Memorized deck system is not neccessary. Performer can do this effect in a very casual manner. Prediction cards are not switched. You can prepare a prediction in your favorite way. You should always carry the Gion Deck with you.

DVD includes how the trick works, how to perform and how to show it more effectively.

No difficult sleights are needed. You can perform this trick in a surrounded situation. The deck is not treated with rough and smooth chemicals. You can spread the deck in a natural manner.


DVD includes three of Yuji Murakami's card tricks (performance only).

Sound Trap ~Stereo Version~
Try-Out type-R
Knock Knock Kings

The sleight used in Try-Out type-R is becoming a hot topic in underground magic world. You can't miss it. This performance movie has never been released before. Other two tricks are also attractive.

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