DVD - David Regal In The UK - 3 DVD Set by David Regal

Join David Regal on this whirlwind tour of the UK and along the way, find out exactly why he is universally acknowledged among his peers as one of the most prolific, imaginative and original magic creators of modern times.

Over this jam packed, triple disk set you'll discover 28 original Regal effects - all fully explained! This is killer material suitable for a host of venues - a lot of it New and Unpublished - and has never been on video before!

You'll also have your own personal front row seat at David's Star Lecture! Shot on multiple camera's for the optimum viewing experience, this hour and a half long lecture covers no less than 12 original Regal effects!

And, there's MORE!

There's a TON of additional content (accessible via your computer) on these disks including notes, and printable props.

Disk One Contents

Monte Python
Sticker Shock
Nothing to Hide
The Survey
The Secret
A Quiet Goodbye
Royal Jazz Quartet

Disk Two Contents

Letter Perfect
Sensitive Fingers
Sensitive Mind
Matter of Stat
Breaking the Rules
How to Cheat vol.1
Getting an Earful

Disk Three - The Lecture

Vortex of Refreshment
The Hotel 52
Change for a Five
Restored Credit
A Quiet Goodbye
A Hook Up
Sudden Deck 2
The Puppy Trick
The Impossible Envelope
Wild Card
Mind Ball

"Learning magic from David Regal is like drinking a glass of fine wine. It's wonderfully satisfying, complex and best in small doses. Too much Regal will f*** you up!" - Wayne Houchin

"Here in Hollywood, we've made our attitude about David Regal clear: We tried to export him to Britain. Not only did they insist on sending him back, but upon his return he was accompanied by a brand new set of DVD's. They're so commercial, we may never figure out how to unload him." - Max Maven

"One of the best thinkers in magic." - Dean Dill

"I'm so jealous of Regal's creativity - he always fools me...always!" - Andy Nyman

"David Regal has been a wellspring of clever magic ideas for over twenty years." - Jamy Ian Swiss

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