DVD - Ninja-2 – Ellusionist

Get immediate results with the rare moves and heart stopping tricks of Ninja-2.

Prepare for explosive audience reactions.

Ninja-2 teaches the moves a street fighter uses... with cards. It allows you go into battle with anyone and win it hands down.

In fact, Weapons give you such an unfair edge over your poor spectator - it's almost a bad thing.

The moves are subtle though... it's all about being - and looking - casual. Disarm your opponent with your own body language and mannerisms. Watch Brad work. You don't win the battle by beating someone over the head, you win it... all the time, every time - with subtlety.

In addition to teaching an enormous number of killer moves, hear Brad Christian's strict advice on:

- nerves in front of people... how to get over them fast
- exactly what to do when you get a tough customer: when they heckle, when they touch what they shouldn't, when they burn your hands with their eyes.
- how to have superior misdirection. What to use and when.
- cold facts about angles - what you must face in order not to get caught.
- why you should be using any means necessary to create an effect, and why simpler is ten times better than difficult.

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