DVD - Messado Rings (DVD only)


First Shown At Magic Live In August, The Messado Rings Completely Sold Out During That Initial Release.

"My name’s Mr Messado, I’m going to show you the magic of Messado’s rings. Are you ready? Gather round let me show you something cool…”

So starts the most phenomenal performance of the Linking Rings we’ve ever seen. At 6ft tall, with a top hat, bow tie and pocket-watch, Messado stands out on the streets of New York - but it's his sheer class with a set of rings that stops spectators in their tracks.

Despite a startling series of flourishy links, unlinks and displays in his solo performance, it's Messado's involvement of the spectators that really shines - taking the linking rings from a detached exhibition of stage magic to a totally engaging close-up experience.



Full Overview

Even David Copperfield is a fan of The Messado Rings - taking the time to congratulate Joshua Messado for the stunning moments of bewilderment created in the mind of the spectator, when the rings simply melt through each other on the tip of the spectator's finger.

Messado’s involvement of the spectator is not something that is simply tacked onto the end of a linking rings performance. This routine makes the spectator central to the magic - from sticking out a finger to unlink the rings at their very touch, to physically holding a ring and crashing it through another - linking them in their own hands - the magic happens just inches away from their nose.

This is a routine that builds, rather than flatlines, with the rings linking and unlinking under increasingly impossible conditions. Messado’s performance involves rings that jump to join others, links that happen in midair- even links that seem to defy gravity.

While Messado shares his full routines as he performs them on the DVD, teaching each move in context, he also encourages you to choose those moves that appeal to you and your own style - and being completely modular, you’re able to develop your own routine.



On The Dvd

When it comes to teaching, Messado holds nothing back. Even if you’ve never touched a key ring in your life, Messado will have you performing like a master in just a few hours. He teaches his full routine - from start to finish, from the most basic single link through to his wrap-up flourish display, in stunning and meticulous detail.


The Messado Rings

Messado Display

The Key Ring



Spectator Routine

Wrap Up Routine

Live Performances



Key Ring Link

Double Rings Link

Centrifugal Link

Flipping Link

Silent Link

Quad Link

Spinning Jumper Link


Basic Unlink

Spectator Unlink

Silent Unlink

Centrifugal Unlink

Advanced Techniques:

Matrix Spin


Impossible Jumper

Karate Kid



It's not often that we are totally blown away by a trick where the method is so universally known - but in Messado's hands, the linking rings stop being a 'trick' - they become something we never thought could be said about rings... They become cool.











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