Arcane Forcing Deck

The ultimate casual force

The Arcane Forcing Deck is an extremely valuable resource. When you need to have them choose a specific card, this one never fails. Used intelligently with a simple deck switch, it packs a punch the no one can escape from.

Full Overview

Imagine performing an effect where you will predict what card someone chooses, but as you fan the cards so that they only see the backs, their friends can see the faces, and suddenly they are all in on the trick.

This is audience participation at it's best. It is often under-utilized and overlooked by most. The possibilities are as limitless as your imagination.

The deck consists of the exact same card repeated 52 times in the deck.

Note: Make sure that you choose the forcing deck that is compatible with the Arcane Deck that you are currently using.

If you perform with the White Arcane deck, then purchase the 'White' Forcing Deck.

If you perform with the Black Arcane Deck, then purchase the 'Black' deck. It won't guarantee that you get a heart/diamond forcing deck, but if you do then it will match the deck that you perform with which is important.

You DO NOT get a choice of which card you want your deck to be made from. No requests please.

• Need to work on your classic force? With this deck it doesn't matter if you get it or not. You can still continue on with confidence if you miss.

• Want to have fun and mess around with people's heads? Play with this deck for some incredible "mentalism".

• Learn a deck switch and swap between a regular deck and the forcing deck for some amazing miracles!

• Don't want to destroy your cards by having people tear them or sign them? Force the same card time after time and replenish your deck from the forcing deck so that you have a complete deck all the time.

• And much much more....

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