COINsomnia - Bill Citino – Book


The Random Conjurings of a Sleep Deprived Mind

Contents Include:

"Money Doesn't Grow on Trees.." - The perfect opener for a restaurant/strolling situation. The magician produces three coins, one at a time, from the sleeves. As the third coin is produced it suddenly vanishes along with the other two coins. The coins are then produced once more. This routine is quick, visual, and easy to do!

"Almos Frame-ous" (2 versions) - A purse frame production like none other! this one must be seen to be disbelieved...The productions are like nothing that has been seen before!

"I. T. H. C. A." - If you have to ask what it means..You haven't seen it done!

"That's Impossible!" - Just like the title says...this one happens all in the spectator's hands. In fact the transpositions happen three times, each time getting better and better.

"Comin' Outta the Box" - If you've liked what Roth has done with the Okito box, then you'll love this routine. An "Out with Four" type routine where four coins are placed inside and magically come out one by one, each time getting more impossible and more VISUAL!

"3 Coins Hangin" (2 Versions)-Featuring "3 Coins outta Nowhere" production - Three coins are magically produced out of thin air. After this happens the magician offers to explain how the trick was done and goes on to visibly "hang" each coin in the air, after turning the coins invisible of course. After each vanish the hands are seen empty and that there's nothing hiding. Once all are "hung" the magician produces the coins again one by one.

"Hangin' Coins Worldwide" - An international hanging coins plot where American, British, and Chinese coins are magically produced, vanished by being hung in the hair. and then reproduced.

"The 5th Dimension" - Bill's signature routine...A deadly combination of a purse frame production and wild coin effect. Add a story with an emotional hook and you have this routine.

And More!!!!

13 Items Total - 3 Utilities, 8 Effects, and 2 Alternate Handling

"I have quickly read Bill's book COINsomnia (It is a quick read) and I was left with a feeling that some of you older magicians might just miss out on a very fresh book with nice twists to familiar plots. We older guys tend to keep with the things we use already.

I am happy to have read it. There are not many things that make me want to 'Bust out the coins' and start practicing. A couple of routines from this book did just that. Thanks Bill....I think.

Magicians...young or old, it is time to buy a new book!" - Jim Pace

"Bill Citino is a rare breed. He is true student of magic who cares about paying homage to the great practitioners that came before us. He has taken the time to research the history behind the slights he uses and this dedication shows in his magic. Real world workable Coin Magic is rare these days and bill is offering you some real world stunners." - Nathan Kranzo

"'Kid tested, mother approved.' Magic that's guaranteed to blow any lay audience away!!! Great work Bill!" - Eric Jones

"You're going to have a lot of fun with his stuff..." - Marc DeSouza (from COINsomnia Foreword)

Pages 83 – Softbound

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