DVD - Wavelength by Manu Jo

"Waving the Aces" by Guy Hollingworth is one of the most famous and deceptive pieces of card magic ever created. The effect is simple. Four aces are shown face down, one by one they visually turn face up.

For many years Manu Jo has studied "Waving the Aces", along the way discovering new sleights which allow for a more visual and deceptive handling that is truly baffling to both spectators and magicians alike.

Manu Jo's handling of this classic of card magic is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression in the mind of your spectators. We are delighted to share his work with you.

"Wavelength" features five impromptu routines, with skill levels ranging from beginner to expert, all done with a borrowed deck and with no angle restrictions.


Red: This is the "basic" handling that started it all

Yellow: 2 aces turn face down, one at a time in a spread of four cards, you turn this packet over and the two other aces turn face down

Green: Ever dreamed to have 3 aces turn facedown one at a time without any card displacement? I guess your dream has just become reality.

Blue: Have 3 aces turn face up on top of the deck, this is the perfect routine to do when you can't put the deck down.

Purple: You want to "wave the Aces"... with just 4 cards? Now you can!

Running Time Approximately: 50 minutes

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