DVD - Aldo On Trost - Aldo Colombini

The great Card Magic of Nick Trost.

Nick was a master in creating amazing tricks and routines based on subtleties rather than difficult sleight of hand. Due to the amazing success of the three DVD set we produced and the numerous requests, here are the fourth and the fifth in the series. This is a humble tribute to a very creative magician.

Most of these tricks are impromptu and they all use a regular deck of cards.

Volume 4:

The Gathering Of The Court Cards: A great nine-card assembly, with Jacks, Queens and Kings!

The Slippery Aces: The Aces are sandwiched between the two red Jacks. They disappear and reappear between the black Jacks!

Topsy-Turvy Aces: The Aces are inserted in the middle of the deck which is shuffled with some cards face up and some face down. At the end, all the cards are face down except the Aces!

Deal And Duck Poker: Ten cards are used. The spectator picks five at random. You end up with a Royal Flush!

Cards And Dice Prediction: Two dice and a deck of cards. A card is selected by throwing the dice and the same dice find it!

Elimination: A card is chosen and you show the entire deck card by card. The selection is gone! It will re-appear face up in the middle of the deck!

The Fifth Hotel Mystery: Queens and Kings are shuffled in pairs, but at the end the Queens are all together and so are the Kings!

M-U-M Miracle: A spectator Thinks of any card. You reveal it, without any clue, with a method that will blow them away!

Elevator Cards: The name says it all. The classic elevator theme, the Trost way!

Trost On Al Koran's "Prediction Supreme": You place three predictions on the table and three spectators pick a card each. The three selections match your predictions!

Running Time: Approximately 36 mins


Volume 5:

Significator Cards: A freely selected card is lost in the deck and revealed by four cards picked by a spectator!

The Restless Court Cards: The twelve court cards are used. You place them in three packets and then switch their positions. They follow each other in their respective piles!

An Equalizer Revealment: Two cards are freely selected and replaced. The deck is shuffled face up and face down and at the end all the red cards are face up except the black selection and vice-versa the black cards are face up except the red selection!

The Automatic Gambler: Some cards are shuffled by you and the spectator. Three hands are dealt and your hand beats the other two!

It's A Date: A coin is borrowed and left in full view The deck is shuffled and cut by a spectator and four cards are selected. The four cards reveal the date of the coin!

Spectators' Double Match: The deck is divided in half and two spectators each take a half-deck and pick two cards. They match. The same thing is repeated with the same result!

The Royal Treatment: The four Queens are paired up with the four Kings by a spectator, and they all match (Hearts with Hearts, Clubs with Clubs, etc.)!

Coincidental Cut: A spectator cuts any amount of cards. Two cards are selected from the remaining of the deck and they indicate the cards cut by the first spectator!

Fourteen-Card Follow The Leader: The classic theme, the easy way, THE Nick Trost way!

Double Cato Revelation: A sixteen-card packet is shuffled by a spectator after two cards have been chosen. At the end, the two cards appear in the opposite color pile!

Running Time Approximately: 45min

Volume 6:

The great packet tricks of Nick Trost. All the tricks require special cards (not supplied but easily obtainable) or simply duplicates of some cards.

Un-Cards: A beautiful prediction effect using blank-faced cards (the Un-Cards). The selected card is shown to be the only red card of the packet. The prediction says, "You Will Select The Red Card."

Expanding Cards: A stunning, visual effect! A fan of five miniature cards (say A, 2, 3, 4 and 5 of Clubs) expands to large ones in a blink of an eye! So easy to do. For close-up, walk-around, etc.

Kopy Kat: From two packets of cards you and a spectator take a card each. The cards match and all the other cards are seen to be the same. Everything can be examined!

Flim-Flam: You place a card on the table and try to print three duplicates of that card from blank cards. The card is the 5D and you print three 10C....Mistake? The three cards change into all 5D's!

A Packet Of Backs: Four cards turn out to be the same (all 10D), then they are all double-backed cards, then blank-faced cards and finally, they reveal a selected card!

Twisto Blanko: Four cards (say the four Queens) turn face down one at a time and then all the cards become blank on both sides!

Jumbo Two-Way Split: From cards cut in half two spectators picks the two halves and they are seen to match. Not only that, you predicted that card! What an amazing trick this is!

Quadraplex: You show two predictions. Then a spectator shuffles quarters of jumbo cards and at the end only four cards are face down in the packet. The first prediction is correct. The four cards are assembled and they make a whole card but with a mismatched corner. The other prediction is the same card with the same mismatched corner!

Abra-Card-Abra: A blue-backed packet and a red-backed packet are used. Two cards are selected and they match! All the other cards are the same. Similar to "Kopy Kat" but different method.

Card Cloning: You show a red card and two black cards. You produce three more red cards and then the two black cards change into red as well!

Running Time Approximately: 39min

Volume 7:

Magic with "Special Decks" by Nick Trost. All the tricks requires special decks (not supplied but easy to make up).

Royal Triumph: Four cards are selected from a red-backed deck. You produce the four Kings and these have blue backs. At the end, these four cards are the selected ones!

Matrix Miracle: Five cards are selected. Spectators help to select any other five cards and these are seen to be the mates of the previously chosen ones!

Stranger In Paradise One card is selected from a blue-backed deck. A red-backed deck is shown. The cards are counted and they are only 51. The selected card from the blue deck is turned over and it is seen to be the missing Red-Backed card!

Destiny Deck: Using a deck of cards and two dice, you reveal a couple of very strong coincidences and a stunning climax!

Straight Poker Deal: A spectator shuffles the deck and you deal poker hands and, of course, you will win with the best hand!

Incredible!: You show a deck half blue and half red. One card is selected from each half and these two cards match. All the other cards are seen to be all duplicates of an entirely different card!

Half Wild: Probably the most famous routine by the late Nick Trost. A deck is cut into two. Two half cards are selected: They match and they are seen to be the only normal cards because one half of the deck has no faces and the other half has no backs!

Oscar: A spectator thinks of a card in the deck and you name it "Oscar." You show all different names on the backs of the cards and the selected card has the name Oscar on its back!

Duo Brainwave: You place a blue-backed card on the table. A card selected from a blue-backed deck turns out to have a red back. Your blue-backed card matches the selected one!

Technicolor Change: After a selected card has been revealed to be the only different colored card in the deck, you will produce a series of stunning color changes with the appearances of a Rainbow Deck!

Running Time Approximately: 50min

Vol 8 Contents:

Four Times Nine: Using only the spot cards, a spectator selects four pairs and they are laid on four selected cards. These cards are seen to be the Nines. Each pair totals 9!

Duck Or Deal Blackjack: A spectator shuffles eight cards and then separates them in four pairs. At all time the cards are in the spectator's hands. He has formed four blackjack hands: Each pair consists of a Jack and an Ace!

Following Suit: One card of each suit is placed on the table for 'targets.' A spectator freely selects cards from small groups and places the on the 'targets'. When finished, it is shown that the suits all match the target cards!

The 20/20 Prediction: Using only 16 cards you produce a series of fantastic coincidences, where the number 20 is predominant!

Numerology In Color: A spectator picks a card and it matches your prediction (say these are the two black Jacks). All the other cards are red!

The Insurance Card I: You place an envelope marked "insurance" on the table. A spectator shuffles the deck and deals four cards to start a poker hand. The missing card to make a straight flush is the 8D. The card in the envelope is the 8D!

Five In A Row: You place the AC through 5C on the table and magically the cards reverse their order!

Psychic Coincidence: Two spectators each select three cards from the deck. Three cards appear face up in the deck. When the spectators turn the cards over, they match the reversed cards!

Ambitious Ace To Five: You show five cards, the AC to 5C. Each card rises to the top of the packet and finally the 5C changes into the 5D!

The Royal Pair Puzzler: A spectator shuffles the deck and deals the cards turning two cards face up at the same time. In so doing, a 'royal pair' is made!

Running Time Approximately: 38mins

Vol 9 Contents:

Everywhere And Nowhere: Four indifferent cards change into four duplicates of a selection and revert back to indifferent cards!

Trost On Hamman's "Magic Cards": Three Jokers, when added to one of the three selections, change to the same value as the selection. Then the Jokers change to the same value of the second selection and then the third!

Spectator's Royal Flush: A spectator locates a royal flush in a deck of cards!

Four Grand Slams: Two spectators each deal a half-deck into two piles. The piles are shuffled together a couple of times. The deck is divided into four packets. Each pile contains all Clubs, the other all Hearts and so on, four grand slams!

The Mystic Threes: A spectator cuts the deck three times and the top card is laid aside. Now he cuts the deck into three piles. He finds that the top card of each pile and the card laid aside earlier are the four threes!

Ultimate "Even Money"-Improved: A spectator separates the red and the black cards!

The Reunited Family: The face cards (Jacks, Queens and Kings) are shuffled by a spectator. At the end, each 'family' is found to be reunited!

Lucky At Poker: You and a spectator after shuffling the deck, find a straight each (10 to Ace)!

The Married Hearts And Four Cupids: A cute story of the 'married hearts,' the King and the Queen of hearts and four Cupids (Jacks)!

Cards Concordant: You lay down three cards. A spectator pushes out three cards from the deck. The three pairs are seen to be matching!

Running Time Approximately: 41mins

Vol 10 Contents:

Double Pinochle With An Elevator Finish: Four cards, two JD's and two QS's change into four Aces. Then the Aces travel up and down through the deck!

Four-Ace Vanish And Recovery: The four Aces are seen to vanish in a deck of cards and then they reappear face up in the middle of the deck!

Intuition: A spectator reverses a card in a deck and you reverse a card in another deck. When the decks are dealt the two cards appear at the same time, but not only that, they match!

Bottoms, Seconds And Centers Demonstration: In this funny and pseudo gambling demonstration, three difficult sleights are (apparently) 'exposed' - the bottom deal, the second deal and the center deal!

Horse Race: You play a horse race where three spectators pick a horse (Ace) leaving one to you and, of course, you win the race. Fun routine with great audience participation!

Automatic Poker: A spectator selects five cards from five pairs. Yet, you win with a better hand!

Significator Five-Spot: An effective opener with the revelation of the four Aces!

Lineup: The deck is shuffled with the cards face up and face down. Two packets are taken and you try to secretly arrange the cards in the same order. When the two packets are dealt in unison, the cards match!

Seven Card Count: A funny Six-Card Repeat effect entirely self-working and totally impromptu!

Believe It Or Not!: Half of the deck is left aside. The other half is shuffled with the cards face down and face up. This half is spread and all the cards are facing the same way. The other half is spread and is now a mixture of face-up and face-down cards!

Running Time Approximately: 39mins

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