Airborne Set Universal (Two in One) by Bazar de Magia

One of the greatest magic effects, ever.

This glass floats in the air while liquid is being poured in it! All audiences are absolutely amazed!

The set you receive allows you to perform the effect with different kinds of bottles or with a can of soda. Yes, you receive two different gimmicks: one for bottles, the other for cans. You will be able to present this effect with beer, wine, champagne, water or soda bottles; you may also use any kind of soda cans.

You receive the glass with everything prepared for you, the universal gimmick for bottles and a trick can of soda with a gimmick. You can easily change it for any can you wish to use.

Complete with English instructions.



airborne bazar de magia

airborne bazar de magia


Dificultad: Principiante

Incluye instrucciones de descarga en inglés y español.

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