DVD - 1Deck... 14Tricks... 24Hours... - Matthew J. Dowden

We set Matthew J. Dowden on a challenge... Learn 7 world class easy-to-do card tricks within 24 hours and then go out onto the streets of London and amaze your audiences!

On these DVDs you'll see Matthew perform 7 of his 14 fantastic card tricks that require no skill and absolutely no sleight of hand. Only you'll know just how simple these tricks are to do. Aimed at the beginner and professional, after watching these discs you'll wonder just why you've not used these before.

Shot In High-Definition Widescreen 16:9

Full Interactive Menus

Worldwide Playback


Volume 1:

Four Thought - The amazing 4 ace mystery in which four people find their own cards.

Compatibility Test - Matthew's unique presentation. Just watch the reactions!

Listen Ear - A freely chosen card is mixed by the spectator. Never touching the cards the magician can still tell them where their card is from the top of the deck! A Real Magician Fooler!

Psychic Hotline - A card is chosen and then revealed by a stranger on the other end of the telephone!

Urban Princess - A thought of card vanishes and appears in an impossible location!

Ultimate Phone Prediction - Any card, the magician never touches them and yet someone on the other side of the world tells them where their card is from the top of the deck... Simply amazing! A Reputation Maker!

Ripped - The ultimate matching pieces trick!

Running Time Approximately 64min

Volume 2:

Poked - A chosen card completes the perfect poker hand. Has the appearance of real skill, yet so easy to do!

Sole Survivor - A chosen card vanishes from the deck and then appears in the magician's shoe!

Ultimate Free Drinks Trick - Never buy another drink again! The bet that lets you win every time!

Taking A Back Seat - One spectator reads the mind of another leaving you to fake all of the applause!

Ahead Of The Game - Three cards are freely chosen and yet the magician knows just what they are before they're selected!

Out Of This World - A streamlined version that's so easy to do. Amazing!

Match.Com - Matthew's ultimate matching card trick presentation and all from a completely shuffled deck of playing cards!

Running Time Approximately 64min

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